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DecryptNaBox decrypts large volumes of S/MIME encrypted email messages quickly and securely. 
DecryptNaBox leverages HSM technology to ensure that the transport, unwrapping, and storage of private keys are handled securely. 
Decryption operation runs automatically with the DecryptNaBox Enterprise edition, significantly decreasing user involvement.
DecryptNaBox Government edition complies with FIPS 140-2 level 2, and optionally FIPS 140-2 level 3, and supports the use of HSPD-12 PIV credentials.

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DecryptNaBox Technology

DecryptNaBox eliminates the need for private key escrow during data decryption by separating the PKI
into two different roles; the Client role, which is responsible for data decryption and the Server role
which handles the message key decryption. As such, the need for a user's private key is eliminated.

Email Descryption Technologies


Data Decryption Client

The Data Decryption Client (DDC) is responsible for pulling encrypted material from the designated source, decrypting
the material and routing it to the outbound destination. Zeva offers three different editions for the DecryptNaBox Client:
Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. In addition, DecryptNaBox Client can be implemented as an extension to third party
platforms or as a generic Microsoft CAPI adaptor.   


DecryptNaBox Server

The DecryptNaBox Server is an extension of any associated Certificate Authorities (CAs). It re-constructs keys from
associated CAs and runs a session key decryption service for DecryptNaBox Data Decryption Clients. It provides private
key protection and safe handling via the Hardware Security Module (HSM). Additionally, it ensures the audit logs and back-
end configuration files are protected. Zeva offers two editions of the DecryptNaBox Server: Government and Commercial. 




Government Edition

The Government Edition is designed for the US federal
government agencies. It includes all required components
and features for federal agencies to comply with applicable
regulatory and security requirements.

Commercial Edition

Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is designed for common commercial
usage. It provides an affordable entry point with optional features
to increase system security to comply with applicable regulatory
and security requirements.


Our Industries

In industries such as, Government, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, and Telecom, high volumes of secure correspondence is required. As such, data security and subsequent breaches are of high concern. With DecryptNaBox, industry specific regulations are already accounted for. Contact us to learn how.



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