Organizations adopt data encryption strategies to secure sensitive information. But data encryption complicates the review of content in support of investigations, for reading email on mobile devices, and inspecting email content for malware. DecryptNaBox solves these challenges by securely automating the content decryption process and eliminating the inefficiency associated with traditional methods. DecryptNaBox meets Federal Standard FIPS 140-2 level 2/3 requirements for the protection of cryptographic keys.

DecryptNaBox Technology

DecryptNaBox eliminates the need for private key escrow during data decryption by separating the decryption process into two different functions. The Data Decryption function is responsible for data decryption using a decrypted message session key. The Session Key Decryption function handles the decryption of the message session key to be used by the Data Decryption function. Architected with this separation of Session Key and Data Decryption functions, the need for a local copy of the user's private key to perform data decryption is eliminated.